PokerTH 1.1

It is a poker game written in C++/Qt that enables you to play Texas Hold'em
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If you are a regular poker player, and you want to practice your skills before trying online, PokerTH will probably be one of the best options for you. On the web, you can find a lot of poker software and games, but they will be more like a casino table simulator. This program provides you with options to practice your decisions in a short time.

With this program, you will be capable of setting tables; so you will be able to play with friends that you want to include in the game or join one that you have been invited to. You will find great options in this program; for instance, you will be able to check the chances to win a table comparing your cards and the possibility of other hands at the Flop during the game; but even with this option you will require more information to make the right decision of betting. The program will tell you what your chances with your hand are, but it will not provide you the information on what kind of hands could beat you. I believe if the author set that option on the game, it would improve its functionality a lot. In other words, if you got a pair of Kings, and you got four of the same symbol on the flop, you will know that a pair is not the best hand to play versus a flush or the possibility of one.

It's a great way of practice, but it misses some important information that could be improved. Hopefully, with the user feedback, this program will become one of the favorites for poker players who want to practice their tactics.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Easy to install
  • Multiple options
  • Gameplay very similar to real-life tactics


  • The Chance tab could be improved to show what chances you got versus other hands
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